Thrilled To Introduce Calligraphy Cut!

We are thrilled to announce that Tranquility Salon is now certified to offer Calligraphy Cut! Calligraphy Cut uses a patented Calligraphy pen with a revolutionary hair cutting technique for amazing results. You’ll notice fuller, more voluminous hair, natural movement, enhanced color radiance, no split ends, 30% faster blow dry time and a style that can easily be replicated at home! We are one of only 15 salons and less than 100 stylists in the state to offer Calligraphy Cut. The results cannot be replicated with even the sharpest pair of shears.

The technique along with the precision tool was introduced in Europe over twenty years ago by Master Stylist, Frank Brormann. Calligraphy Cut has recently been brought over to the United States along with the in-depth training required for certification and we are proud to be among the few to offer it to our clientele.

Call today and schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our 6 Calligraphy Certified Artists (out of 496 in the entire USA)!

The German Website – USA version is coming!